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Crazy Adventure on the Trans Euro Trail

Join me, on an unforgettable journey as I take my Royal Enfield Himalayan on small portion of the Trans Euro Trail. This wasn't just a ride, it was a test of endurance, skill, and the will to keep going, no matter what.

Trespassing into Doftana Prison

This is a short 1 day adventure in the abandoned prison of Doftana. This is a very know prison and a dangerous one.

Behind the walls of the Harman Fortress

This is a first view of the tunnels and catacombs hidden behind the walls of the Harman Fortress

Visiting the oldest building in Brasov

This was a short trip trying to discover the mystery's of the oldest building in Brasov. It has hidden tunnels and a very old solar clock.

Road to the Black Sea

This is an older adventure. I am riding my motorcycle alone for 3 days in November trying to reach the Black Sea. This was only 3 weeks after I got my driving license. 


This was 1 day trip to Racos, visiting the abandoned smarald quarry lake and the old abandoned castle from the village of Racos.

Off-road to the Kings Cross with a Honda Hornet

This was a strange adventure trying to reach 3 amazing view points... it didn't go well.

More adventures to come very soon!

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