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M Y   S T O R Y

Ahoy there!  

I am Șerban Mihai-Daniel... a wanderer of roads, both near and far.


I am a person who enjoys exploring the open road on my motorcycle and often I seek out scenic routes and interesting locations.

Most of the time I travel alone because I have a passion for adventure and the freedom that comes with being alone on a motorcycle.

Cars hold a special place in my heart as well and I have a personal drift car project on which I test both my driving and mechanic skills :)))) 

Since I was a kid I have been interested in the mechanical aspects of motorcycles and cars and I enjoy working on them, fixing them and customising them to suit my personal style.

On my youtube channel I post my adventures, my motorcycle tests and rides and all the things I do and of which I am passionate about.

This is my ONE LIFE ADVENTURE and you can enjoy it along with me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and here on this website. 


I hope to see you around.


Here is a short poem about me :

A wanderer of roads, both near and far.

I seek adventure and freedom, a true life to embrace,

With the wind in my hair and the sun on my face,

Riding for fun my motorcycle and car.


Fixing my bike, a passion and art,
Making it mine, a work of the heart.

Cars as well, I love to drive,
Drifting around corners, my heart comes alive.


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